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Jake Bush "Where 90's Meets Now" Should-Be Singles Review

Jake Bush "Where 90's Meets Now" Should-Be Singles Review

Artist:  Jake Bush

Album: Where 90's Meets Now

Release Date: 2/4/2022

     With two EP's, two Albums, and a number of singles under his belt, it's clearly evident that Jake Bush has come into his own with this album.  The blend of songwriting, voice, and delivery flows easily.  The production quality from Rosewood Studios in Tyler, Texas is jet fuel to the fire.  

     The overall vibe of this album is precisely described by its name "Where 90s Meets Now".  Between the pedal steel, simple guitar solos, and Jake's voice one could easily close their eyes and go back in time to a Ricky Van Shelton, Aaron Tippin, or Mark Chesnutt tune.

     "Cowgirl" kicks off the festivities with a guitar lead in that sets the tone for the album's sound.  This was a no-brainer since Jake released this song as a single in November of 2021.  It could very well be blasting over the national airwaves.  It's that well-rounded.  The arrangement, instrumentation, vocals, writing, and production are all tied together in a gift of a package.  The premise is a timeless one, but articulated succinctly.  The cowgirl is long gone and this is a call to anyone that sees her to send her back his way.  

     "Talk 90's To Me" is not your typical 90's song name-dropping song.  He does use a few titles in his lyrics, but keeps it to a minimum.  Just enough to get the point across.  As this song is the titular track, it does capture the essence of the 90's sound.  The last minute gives a Steve Wariner or Brad Paisley outtro vibe.  The up-tempo makes this one a steering wheel tapping, air guitar fun time.  It has a ton of single potential.

     "Opposites Attract" is a down-tempo tune that is so well-written that you could imagine it being played out in a movie in your mind.  The lyrics contrast some of the things in life that maybe shouldn't be paired, but when they are there is a sweet and unexpected outcome.  How fitting that this song being a slower tempo would usually be a sad one, however, it isn't.  It's a song of the good things that come when opposites do attract.  For this reason, we had to include it in our top three of "Should-Be Singles".  

     It could be construed that we have a biased take on this album since we were extremely fortunate to have this album to dive into on our drive to Kemah, Texas to see The Jake Bush Band perform live.  It was a wonderful experience at a great venue with an even better couple of bands rocking the stage.  We want to give a huge shout out to Ty Larrimore and his band.  They were fantastic and really kicked off the night.  While that's fair, it will stand that we will never review an album or single that we don't already at least have a little love for.  After all, that's what the Cowboy Revolution is all about.  We want to spread positivity and give credit when and where it's due.  Just like anything in life that we endeavor, these artist pour it all out for long periods of time, burning the candle at both ends.  These album and single releases are their playoffs, their Super Bowl.  When they have wins like this album it makes the ride worth it.

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Muscadine Bloodline "Dispatch to 16th Ave." Mini-EP Review

Muscadine Bloodline "Dispatch to 16th Ave." Mini-EP Review

When it comes to finding country music gold, thank God for independence!  This statement epitomizes the career and release choices of Muscadine Bloodline.  This mini-EP only has three songs, but manages to cover three major tropes in country music... Heartache, chasing the dream, and the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to chase that dragon of a dream.  It also manages to capture the wide range of tempos.

To kick it off, there's the sorrow and sadness of "No, Pedal Steel", begging for there to be none of titular instrument, which the weepy slide player ignores wholly.  The harmonies are classic MB and the instrumentation and production is, to our delight, reminiscent of the (Reimagined) tracks that were released from 2020-2021.  This isn't boyfriend country.  This is a pure soul that deserves national airplay.  

The second track gives a clear explanation of why radio play may not be in the cards for  "No, Pedal Steel".  "...Dispatch to 16th Ave."  is a mid-tempo song that tells the all-too-common story of a singer/songwriter coming to Nashville to push all his chips to the center of the table, but the flame never ignites.  Luckily for Muscadine Bloodline, the Nashville dream is now in the artists' hands.  Their continued fan engagement and honesty in the product that they produce is a sign that they're built for this generation of the music industry.

The third offering "Dyin' for a livin'" is an up-tempo, honky-tonkin', good time!  Just as Muscadine Bloodline has stayed the course and is seeing the fruits of their labor, this song speaks of the risks of chasing that neon rainbow.  This song is already seeing airplay and we predict that it will be the reason that many dancefloors will soon see many boots scooting across them.

Muscadine Bloodline's independence allows them to drop a three song EP for the fans.  It's those fans that will continue to feed artists by showing up to live shows and singing every word back to them.  There is a mutual respect that comes along with this reciprocity and the Cowboy Revolution has immense respect for Muscadine Bloodline and other artists that are doing it their way.  Check out "Dispatch to 16th Ave." along with their back catalogue.  You won't be disappointed with the gems you'll discover.

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Aaron Watson "Unwanted Man" (Single) Pre-Release Review

Aaron Watson "Unwanted Man" (Single) Pre-Release Review

ARTIST:  Aaron Watson

SINGLE:  Unwanted Man

RELEASE DATE:  January 21, 2022


SUMMARY:  Although this single isn't set to be released until January 21st, 2022, we found it necessary to fire the warning shot early and hopefully very loudly.  We only hear on short verse or chorus, depending on how the final arrangement lands.  From what we do hear, it sounds like it could be very similar to what Luke Combs did with "Dear Today", which would also make our "Should-be Singles" list if we would review the album.  "Dear Today" begins and ends being the only parts of the song to include the songs title.  These verses are stripped to showcase the artists strong vocals and Aaron's is on full display here.  Not only does he sound like the alpha wolf howling from the top peak of a desert mountain, but his voice climbs the range to get there quickly.  Assuming that the producer uses this tactic, you could expect a full band compliment.  That's not a given, as the video clip doesn't show any drums.  However, there's a quick scene of Aaron banging an air drum.  

THE LYRICS (From IG):  "You'll find behind my crooked smile, hiding beneath the red wine on my breath, lies the fear of losing you.  God only knows, how the thought scares my heart half to death. 'Cuz when push comes to shove, only your love loves me for what I'm not and what I am. And for once in my life, I don't feel like an unwanted man."

These lyrics are fairly easy to decipher.  He may be a little wine-drunk and smiling, but in the back of his mind he knows that this feeling of being wanted is rare and doesn't want to lose it.  It's like being in "drunk bullet-time" in the Matrix of love.  You're calm and still, while the rest of the world uninterruptedly moves around you.  This premise can easily be built upon to fill out a robust  body to the song.  

CONCLUSION:  This will obviously be a single.  That's not in question.  The question here is:  Will this single propel Aaron to national stardom?  Will this be his Cody Johnson moment?  If only King George would bring him out for the closing show of Rodeo Houston 2022.... well, fans can dream, right?

Would Hank have done it this way?  


Would country radio play this song?

Yes, but they may ask him to take off his hat first.

Will the fans receive this song favorably?



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Read Southall Band "FOR THE BIRDS" Should-be singles album review

Read Southall Band "FOR THE BIRDS" Should-be singles album review

Artist:  Read Southall Band

Album:  "For the Birds"

Release Date:  October 22, 2022

Artist Website:

Artist Instagram

Summary:  The Read Southall band landed on our radar some time around 2017 with the "Borrowed Time" release.  "Runnin'", "Why", and "Animals" were a few of the highlights that are still on regular rotation in the Cowboy Revolution office.  Aside from the 2018 live recording "Live at Tower Theatre", this is their first studio-recorded album since 2017.  It's on fire from the track one, "For the Birds".  As a young William Miller would tell Russell Hammond, "And Russell, Russell, the guitar sound... is incendiary. Incendiary. Way to go."    It's a coincidence that the band hails out of Stillwater, Oklahoma and the fictitious rock band in the movie "Almost Famous" is named Stillwater.  It may be no coincidence that they both rock pretty hard with a similar sound. The opening song, also named "For the Birds", is indeed incendiary, but technically doesn't have lyrics, so unfortunately we can't really include it in the top songs to be nominated for a should-be single. Good thing is that this entire album was incinerated as well.  Let's get to the list:

3rd Place:  "DLTGYD"

That stands for "Don't let them get you down".  This track serves a motivational call to arms, to stand for yourself and what you believe in.  If you get knocked down, shake it off, and get back in the fight.  The guitar licks at the intro are a motivation unto themselves.  The back quarter of the song has a tempo swing that leads into almost Van Halen-esque fretwork.  A perfect tune to zone out to in the gym or on a run when you're trying to get that last rep or last kick in.  

2nd Place:  "Rose Gold"

The sounds and tone of this track screams the color rose gold.  Nice, mellow mid-tempo with smooth and easy drum and guitar.  It almost feels like a country/southern rock "Amber" by 311, which is also another song that used a color to describe a lover's energy.  This is a rare love song from the band.  The kind of love that you just want to lie in bed together while the dishes pile up and life on the outside just goes by.  The other side of these lyrics is the writer's confession that he is "tarnished silver" and his significant other is "rose gold".  I think we've all been there before.  "Why would SHE want anything to do with ME?".  The down-to-earth love described in this song isn't a trip to Paris or an expensive diamond ring, it's just "let's lay here, and just be together". 

Champion:  "Where We Belong"

There are heavy "Explosions in the Sky" vibes to this song.  Drums are very rudimentary, almost military-style.  Overall, it's a mid-tempo, but the crescendo and howl mid-track give way to a glittering guitar solo and harmonies.  There are some bells/chimes used sparingly that give it that extra dose of shine when needed.  Read's lyrics speak a lot to being on the road a little too long, away from the things at home.  In the end, there's a hope that "we'll find a way to get where we belong".  This song reminds me of a boat day on the lake with the sun shimmering on the glass-flat water with nothing but a cold drink and a breeze on the brain.


Would Hank have done it this way?  

Maybe so.  

Would country radio play these songs?

Probably not.

Will the fans receive this album favorably?


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Introduction of the crew and review format

Introduction of the crew and review format
"this will be cherry-picked and positive reviews.  There's enough negativity in the world, we are going to keep it light and offer up our picks of the highlights of each album that we review."

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