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Muscadine Bloodline "Dispatch to 16th Ave." Mini-EP Review

When it comes to finding country music gold, thank God for independence!  This statement epitomizes the career and release choices of Muscadine Bloodline.  This mini-EP only has three songs, but manages to cover three major tropes in country music... Heartache, chasing the dream, and the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to chase that dragon of a dream.  It also manages to capture the wide range of tempos.

To kick it off, there's the sorrow and sadness of "No, Pedal Steel", begging for there to be none of titular instrument, which the weepy slide player ignores wholly.  The harmonies are classic MB and the instrumentation and production is, to our delight, reminiscent of the (Reimagined) tracks that were released from 2020-2021.  This isn't boyfriend country.  This is a pure soul that deserves national airplay.  

The second track gives a clear explanation of why radio play may not be in the cards for  "No, Pedal Steel".  "...Dispatch to 16th Ave."  is a mid-tempo song that tells the all-too-common story of a singer/songwriter coming to Nashville to push all his chips to the center of the table, but the flame never ignites.  Luckily for Muscadine Bloodline, the Nashville dream is now in the artists' hands.  Their continued fan engagement and honesty in the product that they produce is a sign that they're built for this generation of the music industry.

The third offering "Dyin' for a livin'" is an up-tempo, honky-tonkin', good time!  Just as Muscadine Bloodline has stayed the course and is seeing the fruits of their labor, this song speaks of the risks of chasing that neon rainbow.  This song is already seeing airplay and we predict that it will be the reason that many dancefloors will soon see many boots scooting across them.

Muscadine Bloodline's independence allows them to drop a three song EP for the fans.  It's those fans that will continue to feed artists by showing up to live shows and singing every word back to them.  There is a mutual respect that comes along with this reciprocity and the Cowboy Revolution has immense respect for Muscadine Bloodline and other artists that are doing it their way.  Check out "Dispatch to 16th Ave." along with their back catalogue.  You won't be disappointed with the gems you'll discover.

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