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Introduction of the crew and review format

The goal of these album or song reviews is simple.  It's a chance to get the crew together, listen to some good music, and share the positivity that it brings to us.  We were raised on Country and Motown music in the 70's and 80's, then got into hip-hop and alternative rock in the 90's.  We'll even throw some electronic music in the mix.  After all, a Cowboy shouldn't be a one-trick pony, but well-rounded.  Whether it's on the road, in the gym, in the office, around a fire, or in the kitchen, music is always in the air.  That's what music should be about right?  If done right, it reaches something inside of you and presses that button.  Whether the emotion be happy, sad, angry, excited, mellow, etc.  The one thing that we won't cover here is something that we'd rather not listen to.  So yes, this will be cherry-picked and positive reviews.  There's enough negativity in the world, we are going to keep it light and offer up our picks of the highlights of each album or single release that we review.  We'll cover mostly independent, up-and-coming artists, and songwriters from many genres of music.  

With that said let's meet the crew:

The Rev (Me):  Founder of Cowboy Revolution Apparel.  I'll moderate the session and condense notes to format for the blog

Bruh (My Brother):  My brother.  The perennial hip-hop head.  He knows Moe Bandy, but has no clue who Chris Bandi is.  

Fenton L. Merck (Brother from another mother):  Breaking direct drive turntable belts since 1991.  Jazz drummer and drove a Hummer.  

Herb LaGrange (Cousin):  Pick-up artist with skills that would leave George Clooney dumbfounded.  Enjoys a cold beer by a warm fire....mostly electrical.


...and with that, stay tuned for our first installment of "Cowboy Revolution Should-be Singles Reviews".  First up will be the Read Southall Band's "FOR THE BIRDS".

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