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Aaron Watson "Unwanted Man" (Single) Pre-Release Review

ARTIST:  Aaron Watson

SINGLE:  Unwanted Man

RELEASE DATE:  January 21, 2022


SUMMARY:  Although this single isn't set to be released until January 21st, 2022, we found it necessary to fire the warning shot early and hopefully very loudly.  We only hear on short verse or chorus, depending on how the final arrangement lands.  From what we do hear, it sounds like it could be very similar to what Luke Combs did with "Dear Today", which would also make our "Should-be Singles" list if we would review the album.  "Dear Today" begins and ends being the only parts of the song to include the songs title.  These verses are stripped to showcase the artists strong vocals and Aaron's is on full display here.  Not only does he sound like the alpha wolf howling from the top peak of a desert mountain, but his voice climbs the range to get there quickly.  Assuming that the producer uses this tactic, you could expect a full band compliment.  That's not a given, as the video clip doesn't show any drums.  However, there's a quick scene of Aaron banging an air drum.  

THE LYRICS (From IG):  "You'll find behind my crooked smile, hiding beneath the red wine on my breath, lies the fear of losing you.  God only knows, how the thought scares my heart half to death. 'Cuz when push comes to shove, only your love loves me for what I'm not and what I am. And for once in my life, I don't feel like an unwanted man."

These lyrics are fairly easy to decipher.  He may be a little wine-drunk and smiling, but in the back of his mind he knows that this feeling of being wanted is rare and doesn't want to lose it.  It's like being in "drunk bullet-time" in the Matrix of love.  You're calm and still, while the rest of the world uninterruptedly moves around you.  This premise can easily be built upon to fill out a robust  body to the song.  

CONCLUSION:  This will obviously be a single.  That's not in question.  The question here is:  Will this single propel Aaron to national stardom?  Will this be his Cody Johnson moment?  If only King George would bring him out for the closing show of Rodeo Houston 2022.... well, fans can dream, right?

Would Hank have done it this way?  


Would country radio play this song?

Yes, but they may ask him to take off his hat first.

Will the fans receive this song favorably?



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